Booster Framework: disrupting the cloud industry and transforming developer experience.

We, at The Agile Monkeys, are dreaming of a better future for software development.

OUR MISSION: An open-source project to disrupt the cloud industry and redefine developer experience, multiplying joy and productivity by 10.

The cloud has to be commoditized and we should bring the power back to developers. We want to stop vendor lock-in and offer total freedom to move your project from one service provider to another, anytime.

But that’s not enough, we need a total developer’s experience revolution. Booster lets developers focus only on the code that really matters, on their ideas to solve real problems, and allows them to forget about spending hours connecting wires.

Yeah, we know it sounds crazy, but we have more than just words to demonstrate that such a future is possible. Take a look at the demos, the project in Github, and the documentation in

Booster Principles

This is what we are building to achieve our mission:

What’s the current state?

We’ve built the foundations, and there’s a fully working implementation using Typescript and AWS. It feels like magic. There is still a lot of work to be done to support new service providers, but we’re convinced that this project could become the next level of abstraction in software history.

We know that this is extremely ambitious, and that’s why it’s open-source because we believe that the only way to make it succeed is through the collaboration of diverse groups with varying goals. But every now and then, there has to be a jump in software evolution, and we believe that bold projects like this are the ones that will redefine the future.

How did we do it?

Booster provides a highly opinionated implementation of the CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns in Typescript, helping you to write highly semantic, simple, and strongly typed code that puts into practice the ideas of Domain-Driven Design.

At deployment time, Booster extracts metadata about the structure of your program from the type system and combines it with years worth of knowledge and experience from our team about software development patterns and cloud services. This produces an optimal cloud environment to run your application.

All of this combined provides an unprecedented set of high-level abstractions that allow you to define your application in terms of commands, events, entities, and read models, writing simple handler functions to tie everything together. And if there’s still something you can’t do with the default functionality, there are lower-level APIs that you can use to extend any layer of the framework with Rockets.

But this is just the beginning. We want to allow developers to work with any programming language and also with other common patterns like MVC.


Yeah, like always with any innovative project. It’s a gigantic project, and there are many features we still want to build. The community has to continue growing if we want to keep receiving contributions, feedback, and ideas.

Some people will say that they don’t want such an opinionated framework. Yeah, we get it, that happens all the time with every new software abstraction. But abstractions always end up winning, because, at the end of the day, they allow developers to focus on what really matters and create value much faster than with the previous generation of tools. Everyone wants to make their ideas a reality and innovate. Nobody wants to be 9 to 5 writing boilerplate code if they had an alternative.

And again, this is an open-source project that can be extended easily. If you’re missing something that you want, solve it and make a contribution!

If you want to be a part of a movement of crazy developers trying to redefine the future, go to We believe the journey will be worth it no matter what. Bold adventurers will be recognized as such.

CEO at The Agile Monkeys

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